‚ÄčElephant Kratom: Myth or Miracle?

Elephant Kratom Strain Review

I used to suffer from anxiety and depression brought on by diabetic neuropathy in my late 30s. No pharmaceuticals were able to treat it. I was wary of narcotic medications.

I'd seen far too many friends fall victim to narcotic addiction. But I would be awoken at night by my stabbing neuropathic pain in my legs and feet. On some days, it was even hard to walk and affected my job performance.

Kratom was a revelation. Small doses not only eliminated the pain but also boosted my mood and energy. My anxiety and depression lessened, and I was able to work harder, longer, and more enthusiastically.

My friends noticed the change. They assumed I'd gone to a doctor. But it all came from the kratom.

Is pain or anxiety-reducing your motivation and quality of life? Are you struggling with depression or insomnia? Do you need an energy boost and pain reliever that is safer than narcotics? If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, kratom is worth a try.

It's not a miracle cure, but it is a proven solution for many thousands of people. From my experience, the benefits far outweigh any risks. What have you got to lose?

If kratom sounds too good to be true, Elephant Kratom probably sounds like pure fantasy. But with giant leaves, high potency, fast action, and the best effects of all major kratom strains, it is no myth, as you will see if you read on.

What Is Elephant Kratom?

This strain is named after its large, drooping leave, which resembles the ears of Borneo Pygmy Elephants. But don't let the word "pygmy" fool you. These leaves are huge at up to eight inches long!

Elephant Kratom tends to grow deep in the jungle and is hard to cultivate. The leaves come from older, taller trees. It is found in the wild in parts of the islands of Borneo, specifically Hulu Kappas, Jongkong, and Ketapang.

It is unclear whether Elephant Kratom is a unique breed, or if it is simply an older tree of the traditional white-vein strain (hence the full name White Elephant Kratom). It is often marketed under different names, such as White Borneo or White Sunda. What we do know is it is particularly fast-acting and powerful. Because of its strength, it is certainly not for everybody.

What Are Its Effects?

Elephant Kratom Strain

Proponents of the Elephant variety celebrate its quick pain relief. Most significant, though, are its energizing effects and ability to treat restlessness, anxiety, and depression. Like other strains, the alkaloids in Elephant Kratom make it a stimulant at lower doses and a sedative at higher ones. In the highest doses, it is purported to improve the deepness and length of sleep.

Other claims of effects include improved concentration, overall mood enhancement, and feelings of motivation and interest. It seems to take only 20-30 minutes to begin working, which is far faster than other strains.

Are There Any Negatives?

Because it is so strong, it is important for kratom users who are new to Elephant Kratom to start at a lower dose. Here, it is important to remember the general rule of thumb for powdered kratom doses. Assuming you have fairly pure, unadulterated kratom powder, these are the general dosage levels:

  • Low Dosage (primarily for energy and mild pain relief) = 1.25 to 2.5 grams = 1/2 to 1 flat teaspoon

  • Medium Dosage (primarily for moderate to severe pain, mild mood enhancement, and significant energy) = 2.5 to 5 grams = 1 to 3 flat teaspoons

  • High Dosages (for severe pain, sedation, sleep, and significant mood enhancement) = 5 to 19 grams = 2 to 4 flat teaspoons

It is important to understand that these are recommended doses based on a consensus of kratom users and distributors and not ones that have been clinically or scientifically verified. These dosages also assume you are using the green vein strain known as Maeng Da, which is the middle of the road in terms of its effective alkaloid content.

White vein is considered a much stronger strain than green- or red-vein varieties. It is also known that the age of the tree often increases the potency kratom. Even if Elephant Kratom is not a separate strain from other white vein varieties, it is still a very potent form for these two reasons.

Side effects are an inevitable part of any drug, herb, or supplement. In conservative doses, even Elephant Kratom has very few side effects. But, if it is abused, you may experience one or more of the following reactions.

  • Headaches - While this is a rare side effect, these can be long-lasting and severe when they occur.

  • Nausea and Vomiting - While this is sometimes a short-term complication for beginning users, it becomes prolonged with the overuse of Elephant Kratom.

  • Constipation (sometimes severe) - Like the opioid medications, kratom can be constipating. There is no consensus as to why this happens, but fiber intake, lots of water, and exercises like walking or jogging helps with this symptom.

  • Muscle Weakness - This is usually only a symptom of severe overuse. Essentially, your body becomes too relaxed, and you have trouble walking, standing, or even moving in general.

  • Excessive Drowsiness - In regular doses, Elephant Kratom promotes deep, restful sleep. If overused, you will remain tired and even want to sleep all the time until the kratom is completely out of your system.

These are, of course, worst-case scenarios of kratom abuse. Sticking to conservative amounts and only increasing it slowly will help you find the right dosage while remaining side effect free!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying Elephant Kratom.

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