Plus CBD Relief Pineapple & Coconut Gummies Product Review and Guide 

Plus CBD Relief Pineapple and Coconut Gummies Review

Product Overview: CBD Edibles

If you've ever wanted a pain-relieving burst of tropical flavor, Plus CBD Relief Pineapple and coconut gummies promise to give you both. They're just one flavor in a lineup of California-born gummies produced by Plus. The brand frequently comes out with limited edition and holiday flavors that please.

Have you ever wanted to get pain relief just from eating something delicious? PLUS gives you that opportunity to do so with a bite of their high-CBD content gummies that are just as flavorful as they are bright and sunny (kind of like the state they're made in). Their colorful pineapple and coconut gummies are two-toned orange and yellow.

Sugary deposits coat the gummies and give them a pleasant, edgy feel, but do these gummies work? Are they going to give you the pain and anxiety relief you seek, or are they going to enhance your mood or relax you? The answer for California residents, where these are available, is that there's a good chance you'll love these.

Features and Benefits

PLUS pineapple and coconut gummies do indeed give a pleasant, pain-relieving vibe, and if you are using these for pain relief, this is the flavor to get. It's high CBD, low THC goodness that gives you pain relief without the psychoactive effects from these. And thanks to the transparent ingredient content on the canister, you know what's in there.

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Other Features and Benefits

  • These are kosher and it says so right on the container

  • These won't make you break your diet thanks to their low-calorie content

  • Everyone differs in taste, but if you like pineapple and coconut, you should love these

  • California residents can have PLUS CBD Relief gummies delivered right to their door courtesy of PLUS's partnership with

  • California residents who buy these are helping out a local economy by supporting their own state

The sugary coating on the outside changes the texture of PLUS gummies, and for most people, I believe this will be a welcome change. It gives them a bit of heft and more substance while you're eating, and it almost seems like it makes the taste linger a bit longer.

Pros & Cons of this CBD product 

No one knows if CBD gummy is going to be all good or all bad, so let's take a look at both sides of the story and see if PLUS gummies are right for the average CBD lover in California. There's always a good and bad side to any CBD product, but you'll see that PLUS plays up its strengths well, while minimizing any downsides with great personality and passion.


  • A classy, sturdy canister makes for an aesthetically pleasing and high class feel to the product

  • Bright colors give a sort of shine to the gummies that make things fun

  • Created from pure cannabis-derived CBD

  • Clear CBD content on the packaging so you can find the right dose every time

  • There's no gluten at all in these gummies, so gluten-spurning folks will still be able to enjoy them

  • PLUS is proud to offer a limited edition "Rainbow" flavor to show their support of LGBT folks


  • The sugary coating will be awesome to most people, but there may be a few who don't appreciate the texture

  • Folks who aren't a fan of coconut or pineapple will want to stay away mostly

  • It's a shame that you can only buy these online if you live in Eaze's California delivery area

  • This is a California brand, so if you're not in California, you're out of luck

Final Verdict for the Vendor

PLUS features several thrilling flavors to choose from and has unique packaging that really makes it stand out in a crowd, but how's the flavor and pain relief on these? Well, if you're using them for pain relief, you'll likely want to take 2 at a time, as CBD content is 5 mg per gummy.

Only people who are interested in pain relief or relaxation will benefit from the pineapple and coconut flavor. Other flavors are marked with sativa or Indica, for a clear idea of what the effects of the gummy flavor are. Pineapple and coconut are marked for CBD relief, and typically that means pain relief.

Only people 21 and over will be able to use PLUS gummies. They're an ethical company that proudly flaunts the fact that they're a California-based brand. And they should. California is one of the most progressive, open-minded areas of the world, and the PLUS attitude fits in perfectly there.

From the colorful, unique packaging to the clearly labeled ingredients that give you a choice about whether or not this product's purpose aligns with your own, PLUS CBD Relief Pineapple and Coconut gummies give folks who appreciate those flavors a reason to buy. Not every product works for everyone, but these are worth your purchase.

And when you're done with the gummies, the container they come in will make a great place to store your leftover change or odds and ins. The company is proud of its investment in the CBD movement and works hard to give customers many flavor options and transparent ingredient information.

Anyone who wants to try a CBD gummy that's geared toward CBD Relief, this might just be your next favorite flavor. You get 20 gummies good for 5 mg of CBD a piece (100 mg total for the entire canister). It's specifically recommended for people who have chronic pain or stress and are looking for relief and not just recreation.

After looking over all the flavors offered by PLUS and specifically researching pineapple and coconut gummies, I'm going to recommend PLUS CBD Relief to any CBD user that lives in California and can get these. To get your own relief, visit PLUS today.

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