​Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Edibites Product Review and Guide

Pet Releaf CBD Hemp Oil Peanut Butter and Banana Edibites Review

Product Overview: CBD For Pets

Have you ever wondered if the same CBD products that work for you might work for your pets as well? If so, you're just like me. As someone who's suffered from a painful chronic illness for the last 40 years, I frequently sought help from surgeries and medications, but prescription medications proved to be too harsh for me.

When I finally found an OTC pain reliever that worked for me, it was CBD that saved the day. My pets also suffer from daily aches and pains sometimes, and/or anxiety, so I wondered if CBD-infused products might help them as well. That's when I found Peanut Butter and Banana Edibites from Pet Releaf.

CBD hemp oil offers all the great pain relief properties of marijuana without the THC content. Plus, they're legal in all 50 states, so you and your pets can enjoy the benefits of these products. Pet Releaf is a company with a touching backstory and mission that will hit close to home with most pet owners.

In 2011, their beloved collie mix "Mattie" was suffering mightily from arthritic pain. They wanted to find natural, alternative medications to give her to help, but there weren't many on the market at the time, and the CBD craze was years from taking center stage for people, much less for their pets.

Today Pet Releaf creates natural, holistic CBD products that help your pet get the same kind of tasty treats and pain relief as you do when you buy your own CBD favorites. I didn't try these myself, of course, but thousands of people trust the Pet Releaf brand to give their pets a CBD-infused better life.

Features and Benefits

  • Delicious taste of dog-favorite peanut butter and banana

  • Full spectrum hemp oil extract for potent effects

  • A devoted manufacturing process that Pet Releaf controls from beginning to end

  • Hemp is grown on the biggest Certified USDA Organic hemp farm in the United States

  • A truly touching backstory that lets you know the creators of Edibites care about pets

  • Provides a handy usage calculator to help you find your pet's ideal dose

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Pros & Cons of this CBD product 

Pet Releaf Edibites are a popular brand, and although pets can't let you know how much they love the taste, it's a brand popular enough to suggest that pets are loving this stuff.


  • This product is the result of a special propriety strain of hemp - PR-33 - that is focused on the health of pets, not humans

  • Created from naturally-occuring CBD

  • Peanut butter and banana is a fan favorite with dogs, but there are tons of other flavors to choose from

  • CBD-infused Edibites are handmade and baked in the Colorado-based Pet Releaf kitchen

  • Edibites are subjected to third party laboratory testing to ensure that they're 100% safe

  • Their CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that can help pets who are aging or suffer from pain


  • No matter how great Edibites are, Peanut Butter and Banana may not be your dog's favorite flavor (try them just to be sure!)

  • These Edibites are high quality and therefore a little more expensive than some alternatives

  • CBD is not always effective for every single pet, but its potential benefits are so impressive that you should try it at least once for your pet

  • The backstory of Pet Releaf is touching, but it's also a little sad

There are many different things that make Edibites healthy. It's not just that they're CBD-infused. They're made from organic, natural ingredients that are as healthy as they are scrumptious. Over 4,000 independently-owned stores around the world sell Pet Releaf products.

Despite the few cons, Pet Releaf is a company with a mission to make your pet happier and healthier, and they continually strive to provide alternative medicines for pets who need pain, anxiety, or depression relief. Best of all, they promote everyday good health, too, and contain many things that keep your pet healthy.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

CBD-infused Peanut Butter Banana Edibites are an incredibly high quality product for your pets. Whether they suffer from anxiety, pain, or depression, it's possible that CBD Edibites will relieve the severity of these conditions. Most importantly, dogs love the great taste.

Pet Releaf is an impressive company that has a long history of doing rescue work with animals and showing a genuine love of all pets. After all, they put the word pet right in the name of their company. Their mission is all about pets and how they can use CBD products to enjoy a better quality of life.

Inspired by their own beloved family pet, they've created a rich history of making tasty, organic, and completely healthy CBD-infused products that pets love to eat. Pet Releaf also has very clear packaging so that you can control the dosage of CBD your beloved pet consumes.

Alina and Steve Smith founded Pet Releaf and have thus far created a strong legacy in the Canine CBD industry. They've shown how this remarkably healthy alternative medicine can turn lives around, reduce pain, bring greater joy in life, and even taste great while taking care of all those other things.

Pet Releaf correctly points out that they're the #1 trusted CBD brand in the world for pets. If you've got a pet, this is the single brand that you need to turn to in order to give your pets a healthy, delicious snack that's going to make them feel great, too.

I highly recommend giving Peanut Butter Banana Edibites to your furry critters. This is a brand that knows what pets need and shows a genuine love for your pets, too. If you're not familiar with Pet Releaf at all, maybe it's time that you
get to know them better.

The Ultimate Guide

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