MedTerra CBD Oil: Product Review and Guide

MedTerra CBD Oil Review

An Overview of MedTerra

CBD Oil has proven itself helpful to millions of people, and its reputation only grows stronger every day thanks to products like MedTerra, a CBD oil sold in an easy to carry tincture. The brand proudly sports a "U.S. Hemp Authority Certified" stamp on its website, something that very few other brands display online.

MedTerra's CBD Oil tincture isn't its only product, but it's certainly the most popular product they have right now. Conveniently packaged with 30 doses of CBD, you get a clear idea of how much use you can get out of the bottle right away. Some brands make dosing a mystery. Clearly stating daily doses helps customers like me.

I appreciated the clearly marked dropper as well, a fact that many companies leave out of the mix. Why? Well, they don't understand, like MedTerra does, that some people get very specific with their dosages. CBD is a versatile substance, and even a bit extra will change its effects. MedTerra anticipated this.

Features and Benefits

  • 99%+ Pure CBD
  • Dropper measurements include 0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1mL
  • Grown/extracted in the United States
  • Kentucky Department of Agricultural Industrial Hemp Pilot Program compliant
  • Provides a lot of information on dosing
MedTerra CBD Oil

Pros & Cons of Medterra CBD oil

How does MedTerra stack up against the competition in terms of potency and taste? Well, it's not 100% without a few hitches, but it truly stands out among the pack as a genuine, helpful CBD experience.


  • MCT Coconut oil makes for an outstanding flavor compared to other brands

  • 100% organic

  • 30 servings of CBD oil in every bottle

  • Economical compared to other options

  • Convenient, small travel size

  • Extremely potent


  • I'd love to see flavors added to the oil

  • Extra sizes would have been handy for folks like me who'd love to order more at a value

  • 0% THC (might be a downside if you're searching for CBD with some THC)

  • Additional products would be welcome from MedTerra

Back when I was first experimenting with CBD oil for my chronic pain, I would have loved to get my hands on a bottle of MedTerra. Among the many products I've tried, it's one of the best tastings, and it's easy to order from their website. While some people will see the smaller product line as a downside, I found it made things simpler.

Final Verdict

The world of CBD products is crowded right now, with multiple products flooding the market and making it difficult to choose which ones are right for you. With so many flavors, dosages, and mottos out there, sometimes a simple product is a Godsend. MedTerra is the simple product you're looking for.

You can tell that the folks at MedTerra realize how important dosage information is for CBD users. They break things down for you on their website and let you know exactly how many dosages you can get per bottle, something that saves everyone's time. Are 30 doses enough? If not, order two.

Customer service at MedTerra is also one of the friendliest in the business. You can tell that they love their customers, appreciate the business, and want you to get your hands on a product that is potent and truly works. Their U.S. Hemp Authority certification is a big deal, too, as they're more credible than competitors.

The only thing that most folks want from MedTerra is for them to branch out and do a greater variety of CBD products. If the only bad thing there is to say is, "Make more," then you're dealing with a big-time quality product. People like me who suffer from chronic pain love this stuff.

MedTerra lets you choose from three different tincture sizes: 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 3000 mg. Heavy CBD users like me prefer the larger size bottle, but if you're a beginner, you might want to start with their 500 mg brand to sample. It's more than worth the price, as MedTerra is one of the most affordable CBD vendors around.

If you have anxiety or chronic pain, MedTerra is an ideal solution. It separates itself from other CBD products by having clear dosing recommendations and a marked dropper for added accuracy on dosage. If you're new to CBD, or a long-time user, there's a
MedTerra product for you. Give them a try.

The Ultimate Guide

What  I Wish I Knew Before Trying CBD & Kratom

  • Side Effects
  • Legality
  • Can I Get Started?


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