Lulu's Hemp Oil Chocolate Bar Product Review and Guide - Is It Right For You?

Lulu's Hemp Oil Chocolate Bar Review

Product Overview: CBD Edibles - Chocolate Bar

When I first heard that there was a product called hemp oil that might heal my pain, I was skeptical. Exactly how would hemp oil fix things or give me a better quality of life? After all, I've suffered from chronic pain for 40 years. Very little has ever brought anything in the way of relief.

Then I saw this product offered by Lulu's Chocolate. Chocolate is already high on my list of things that are great just by itself, but then I saw that this product contains 80 mg of CBD per bar, and I was intrigued.

Features and Benefits

  • NY Mag! already listed this as one of their Top 14 CBD products in 2018
  • Extra Terpenes added for a richer CBD effect
  • This chocolate bar is Vegan-friendly
  • It's 100% organic
  • The creator of this product is very involved in its production and maintains a fascinating blog championing dark chocolate and CBD
  • Joining the VIP club will net you some real savings over the years
  • 1% of all profits from this product are donated to charity

I wasn't going to take their word for it, though. After trying CBD, I discovered its rich effects for myself, and for the first time in many years didn't have to pop OTC pain relievers to get through the day. I was able to enjoy a natural, healthy chocolate bar instead.

I'll admit that I'm not the most health-conscious person, even though I should be given my poor health over the years, so for me, I wasn't necessarily looking at the health benefits of the chocolate bar. I wanted great taste and solid pain relief. The great taste ended up being good fortune.

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Pros & Cons of this CBD product 

Lulu's Hemp Oil Chocolate Bar has far more pros than cons, top on my list of things that I love about this chocolate bar is that it has a potent dose of CBD oil in every bar, in addition to their expertly added terpenes that makes it stronger and more effective at relaxation and pain relief. So what's the good and bad of this product?


  • This chocolate bar contains zero THC, and that's very important to most people who are either sensitive to its effects or must be drug tested

  • Rich, deep chocolate flavor that doesn't contain all the sugar

  • Packages are marked with nutritional information with clear glycemic index figures for those who need them

  • No refined sugar

  • Raw cacao is used in its production

  • Tasty and effective to produce a joyous and relaxed mood, with solid pain relief as well


  • Like all CBD products, this one is not FDA-approved

  • It might be a little too easy to over-eat these, but if you can control your impulses, it's a delightful snack

  • Darker chocolate won't be everyone's cup of tea

  • It can be a little pricey, but you are getting 100% of what you're paying for

The few cons of the chocolate bar don't even stand a chance against the superb flavor, the naturalness of the product, and packaging that really shows how much the creator, Lulu herself, really cares about her own health and the health of others. She has been eating raw dark chocolate since 2006 herself.

As Lulu points out, dark chocolate is a heart-friendly food and one that will give you a healthy snack to eat when you're hungry. The adorable hearts imprinted on the dark chocolate bars are a cosmetic feature of the product, but it's a nice touch and one that I would argue is a plus as well.

The packaging is gorgeous, the bar itself looks rich and appetizing, and I'm not surprised at all that this product was created by a foodie. We all want food that looks rich and appetizing, and these chocolate bars will certainly be love at first sight.

Finally, Lulu's blog is fascinating to follow, and I visit it myself often at times to learn more about the health benefits of CBD and dark chocolate. It's always refreshing to see someone create a product that they remain devoted to over the years.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

Due to the tastiness of this product and its socially responsible production (biodegradable wrapper is used in packaging), I would advise anyone to consider Lulu's Hemp Oil chocolate bar as a treat that's fine just on its own as a delicious snack. If you have chronic pain, anxiety, depression or other ailments, then its CBD content is important.

CBD has made quite a name for itself in recent years as a natural way to get relief from pain, anxiety, and other states that cause distress. Part of the reason for the price of this bar is that it is so effective at what it does, and you don't have to sacrifice taste to enjoy it with chocolate.

Due to the unique chemical make-up of both cocoa and CBD, they work together to enhance the effects of each other, so not only do you get the pain relief from the CBD, but you get into a better mood because of the enhanced effect of the natural chocolate.

I've used this product myself and have confidence in its effectiveness for both satisfying a sweet tooth (without the refined sugar) and reducing anxiety and pain. Doing both of these things at once makes this one of my favorite CBD products in the history of mankind.  

Vegans and other health-conscious folks will appreciate the socially responsible packaging, clear labeling of the product and its CBD content, and its rich, enjoyable taste. Whether you just want a snack, great pain relief, or both, you're going to love Lulu's chocolate bar. Check it out here.

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