Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract Oil: Product Review and Guide

Charlotte’s Web Extra Strength Hemp Extract Oil Review

Overview: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte's Web hemp extract was developed in 2011 at a large medicinal marijuana dispensary. The goal was to create a hybrid strain of hemp that would help a sick little girl named Charlotte. What was the goal? They wanted all the benefits of hemp without any of the psychoactive effects.

Thus, Charlotte's Web Extra Strength hemp extract was created in 2011, but it wasn't named Charlotte's Web until later. Named for the sick little girl that it helped so much, it's now available to everyone, courtesy of the Stanley Brothers. You can get these same health benefits with no psychoactive effects today.

With such a touching back story, it's likely that Charlotte's Web will remain popular for as long as CBD oil is still helping people. It's from a hemp plant strain that continues to help people like Charlotte, and me, get health benefits like pain relief, inflammation reduction, and anxiety relief.

Do you wonder if there's a way to get pain relief without having to be intoxicated or experience the effects of THC? Are you struggling through a rough period in your life, feeling down or stressed out? Charlotte's Web is a gentle, effective way to cope with these problems without prescription medications.

Features and Benefits

  • Hemp is grown in Colorado, a place is known for its high-quality hemp

  • mint chocolate, olive oil, lemon twist, and orange blossom flavors are available

  • Whole-plant extracts

  • A truly noble cause created this product

  • Works for many different health ailments

A CBD oil that is created just to help a sick child is a rare backstory in the industry, but Charlotte's Web doesn't end its story with just one success story. You've got an entire line of people just like you who could benefit from the many pros that this one brings to the table.

Charlotte’s Web Extra Strength Hemp Extract Oil

Pros & Cons of Charlotte’s Web CBD oil 

Even a heartwarming backstory doesn't absolve a CBD oil company from needing a few improvements along the way. Charlotte's Web has few downsides, but we'll document just those few so that you can have a more comprehensive overview of the company.


  • 25mg hemp extract per 1mL serving

  • Potent and effective

  • Online access to third-party lab results

  • Popular with many customers

  • Amazing batch-testing procedures

  • They actively support things like cannabis science research


  • One of the most expensive brands

  • Shipping tacks even more onto the expense

  • The website has a lot of information but can be difficult to find specifics at first

  • A bigger product line would be welcome

Their Charlotte's Web extra strength hemp extract oil isn't their only product, but it's their most well-known and beloved product. You'll also find creams and other varieties of CBD that will give you relief. Charlotte's Web as a whole is a celebration of this particular plant extract.

There are two sizes to choose from 30mL or 100mL. Charlotte's Web reduces the number of ingredients to make sure that you get a clean, healthy, and natural relief. They don't pack everything full of preservatives like so many other oils.

Final Verdict

The Stanley Brothers helped little Charlotte in 2011 when they derived this potent strain of hemp-extract oil. Their methods continue to help people to this day in the form of this extra strength hemp extract oil. They don't use fillers or preservatives and offer Charlotte's web in four delicious flavors.

Terpenes and flavonoids are added to Charlotte's Web to give it a more distinct flavor and aroma. Of all the hemp extract oils I've tried, this one is going to leave the biggest flavor impression on you. It's not just bearable. Tasty flavors include Mint Chocolate, Lemon Twist, Orange Blossom, and Olive Oil.

As a health product, Charlotte's Web shines. It was created to help a sick little girl get relief from the pains of her disease, and it worked just like it should have. I am forever grateful to the Stanley Brothers for sharing this gift with the rest of us who need the same kind of relief.

If you have anxiety, everyday stress, depression, inflammation, or chronic pain, Charlotte's Web is an excellent hemp extract oil to turn to. You'll find that it's easy to use, comes in two convenient sizes, and tastes pleasant. If you'd like to try premium CBD that's worth what you pay for it, visit
Charlotte's Web today.

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