cbdMD Premium CBD Oil: Product Review and Guide

cbdMD Premium CBD Oil Review

Overview: cbdMD

cbdMD bills itself as a CBD oil that's powered by nature (enhanced by science). Created from hemp USA-grown in Kentucky, the formula comes in a diverse variety of strengths so that any level of CBD user can find relief. I'm a heavy user of CBD, due to chronic pain, and even I was impressed by the potency of cbdMD.

What makes cbdMD live up to the "MD" part in its name? After all, an MD insinuates that there's some kind of health value in the product, a wellness element. For cbdMD to live up to that billing, it needs to be natural, potent, and effective for things like chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and everyday stressors.

As a CBD user, I look for a few general things in a product. I want a variety of different strengths, high potency, and convenient packaging (it has to be portable). Other things I look for include accurately labeled droppers that help me dose and clear ingredient lists. I want to know what I'm taking.

Features and Benefits

  • Very affordable $0.05 to $0.10 per mg

  • Grown from Kentucky Hemp, some of the highest quality hemp in the world

  • 100% THC free

  • Free shipping on orders of any size

  • Lab-tested for purity

cbdMD Premium CBD oil comes in an enormous variety of sizes and strengths for maximum choice for picky CBD customers (like me). Where else are you going to find 7500 mg bottles of potent CBD? Not many other places offer that large of a size, and when you know it's a full-time part of your life, it's what you need.

cbdMD Premium CBD Oil

Pros & Cons of cbdMD CBD oil 

cbdMD is one of the most generous companies around when it comes to free shipping and money-back guarantees. You can shop with confidence with them. In addition, you'll find plenty else to love about their product and manner of business.


  • Vegan and Gluten-free ingredients

  • Broad-spectrum for potency

  • A broad range of interesting flavor options

  • Quick shipping

  • Terrific customer service and dedication to customers

  • A very good economical option for people who need CBD benefits


  • Some people prefer to pay more for full-spectrum

  • It would be nice if there was a 100mL option

  • Free shipping is great but standard

  • Flavors are a nice touch but they're very basic

When I shop for CBD, I look for more medicinal slanted CBD that puts a real focus on pain relief, not a recreational experience. I find that cbdMD fits the bill perfectly, as they have a broad-spectrum CBD product that's not exactly extra strength but offers more than just "relaxation" as a benefit.

Final Verdict

I really appreciate the simple way that cbdMD sells its CBD oil and other products. Their Premium blend is more potent than the rest of their product line. Interesting flavors spice things up: lemon, berry, orange, and mint. For people who like more exotic flavors, you're out of luck, but I'm fond of the basics.

cbdMD has a terrific spot on their website called cbdMD Nation, geared to athletes who use the product for relaxation and sore muscles after intense workouts. They have a large lineup of professional athletes who endorse the product and explain how it has helped them in their lives. It's a great inspiration for other athletes.

cbdMD's Premium CBD oil is perfect for beginners, moderate users, and even heavy users who are willing to invest a little more to get the kind of dosing they need. The company itself focuses a lot on athletes and the benefits of CBD oil toward athletes, so if you're any level of athlete, it's ideal for you, too.

Whether you like a natural flavor or a mint flavor, you'll find some kind of Premium CBD oil to enjoy from cbdMD. It's fine for recreational use as well, just to unwind after a long day at the office or on the field (or court). Perhaps the biggest question is does it work for pain and anxiety?

My answer to that question is yes, cbdMD is very effective, especially for the price that you get on it. Compared to other CBD oils, you're getting a super value and an opportunity to get much more bang for your buck. See other products in their line by visiting

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