CBDfx Hemp Cream (50ml) Product Review and Guide

Product Overview: CBD Cream for Skincare

The sleek packaging of CBDfx hemp cream could be just flashy branding, but it's not. It's a hint as to the quality of the product and the care the creators took in creating their formula. CBDfx understood the pain-relieving benefits of CBD well and crafted a CBD-infused cream that works well on painful "hot spots" on the skin.

As a former chronic pain patient who's had multiple surgeries just to be able to remain mobile, it's rare that I find a product that truly works on my pain. CBD products are one of the few measures of relief I've found in the last 5 years. Does CBDfx stand up to other brands on the market today and fulfill its promise of soothing topical pain relief? Yes.

Features and Benefits

  • Takes only a dollop of cream to get genuine relief

  • Full-spectrum CBD-infused

  • Contains an impressive 150 mg of CBD for potent topical relief

  • Functions as a lotion as well for skin irritation

  • GMO-free

Pros & Cons of this CBD product 

Every CBD product is going to have its highs and lows, but the highs should always outweigh those few things a company can improve on. Thankfully, companies today take reviews seriously and often fix the negative aspects of their products as they evolve their brand. Here are just a few of the many pros of CBDfx, along with the minimal negatives.


  • The hemp used in this cream is 100% organically grown for a natural product that is safe to use

  • Many people will love the sensation that CBDfx cream gives to their skin (I definitely found it soothing)

  • CBDfx makes their 3rd party lab test results available on the site, a sign of honesty with respect for customers

  • Other natural analgesics like menthol and white willow bark are included in this cream's blend

  • This product is gentle on irritated skin as well

  • Partner farms used by CBDfx do not use pesticides, and that is a big plus for people who want a truly natural product


  • It would be nice if they offered a larger size of this cream

  • Samples are always a plus, and thus far they don't offer any

  • Everyone is different, so some people may have to get used to the cooling (and warming) sensation of this cream

  • Minty scents aren't for everyone, but the relief you get from this cream is worth it even if you're not a fan of mint

As you can see, there are very few negatives in comparison to the positive effects of this unique blend of CBD and other natural analgesics. It's possible to use this cream as a lotion for irritated skin or to use it for deep down relief of everyday aches and pains.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

CBDfx hemp cream comes in a convenient travel size that you can easily take with you wherever you might need it. Dispensing is a breeze, and applying takes only a few minutes, depending on the kind of relief you want. Smaller amounts absorb easily on the skin and never leave it feeling greasy or uncomfortable.

When they say a dollop of CBDfx, they mean it. You'll need very little of this to get deep down relief for aches, pains, and skin irritation. It can be used as a pain cream or as a simple lotion that leaves your skin feeling healthier and less irritated. The biggest thing I look for in any kind of cream is ease of use and comfortable sensation when applying.

CBDfx is beneficial both in the way it makes my skin feel and in the pain relief I experience after applying the cream. It's one of the few blends I've seen that use caffeine as well. Caffeine itself has been shown to help with inflammation, one of my chief problems, so I really appreciated this additional ingredient and thoughtfulness.

The bottom line is that CBDfx cream comes in a convenient size, is easy to apply, and feels light and soothing to the skin. Its minty scent isn't too overpowering and shouldn't affect your ability to use it. For big fans of mint, it's the perfect cream and scent. Others will find it unoffensive.

CBDfx cream was obviously well planned out and contains additional ingredients that also aid in relief from inflammation and skin irritations, so it's going to provide a unique, more potent type of relief than other brands. If you want skin that feels healthier or topical relief for everyday aches and pains,
CBDfx hemp cream is a great solution. Check it out.

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