Aurora CBD Sparkling Drink (15 mg per bottle) Product Review and Guide

Aurora CBD Sparkling Drink Review

Product Overview: CBD Edibles - Aurora CBD Sparkling Drink Packs a Punch!

Aurora CBD Sparkling Drink Packs a Punch!

Of all the CBD products coming out of the woodwork right now, perhaps none are so appealing as the CBD-infused beverages on the market. Aurora is safely ahead of the pack here, offering a sparkling drink that contains 15 mg of THC-free CBD in every gorgeous bottle.

Aurora invites all potential customers to "embrace the golden hour" by trying their line of high-class CBD sparkling drinks. As they correctly point out, they're bitter with a delightful follow-up of zip for the perfect combination and a truly satisfying finish to the drink. It's a kind of cannabis cocktail that will hit a high note with beverage lovers everywhere.

Features and Benefits

The first thing you'll notice about Aurora is that it looks as much like a bottle of wine as it does a bottle of CBD sparkling drink. This is CBD for those who appreciate a touch of upscale style. Is it all just style, though, or does Aurora have the punch to back it up?

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  • Esquire correctly points out that Aurora is a "delight to drink"

  • Great taste is backed up with high CBD content

  • A truly relaxing experience that feels more natural than vaping or popping a gummy

  • Elegant bottle design that makes you feel like you're taking part in something special

Pros & Cons of this CBD product 

The first thing you'll notice about Aurora is that it's a complete drinking experience. They hit all the right notes on aroma, appearance, and taste. No matter how great the drink tastes, though, they still had to get the CBD content and experience right. This means they have to offer a supreme CBD experience. Do they hit the mark?


  • Natural ingredients (spices, herbs, flowers) are used in Aurora drinks for a healthy experience

  • They only use whole plant hemp extracts as a way to maintain their personal commitment to the integrity of their product

  • All CBD is tested and confirmed to have zero THC

  • Pure hemp oil is the only thing Aurora uses, so if it says Aurora, you're getting everything pure

  • Not too sweet, not too bitter

  • 15 mg of THC-free CBD infused in every bottle, for high content, potent experience


  • Aurora isn't available in stores everywhere yet

  • If you live outside an area that sells Aurora, you're going to have to wait for shipping from their online store

  • As of now, only two flavors are available

  • Good things don't come cheap, and Aurora isn't an exception to that rule, as it's some of the highest-priced CBD-infused drinks you'll ever buy

Aurora continues to make lists on online websites that review CBD beverages. For many people, drinking CBD in-fused beverages feels like a much more natural sensation, the perfect combination of a refreshing beverage and a relaxing drink. And thanks to Aurora, you get great taste, high potency, and a more upscale feel to CBD.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

Drinking something is about the most natural feeling in the world, with a sense of peace and contentment in having a beverage in the evening. I adore Aurora's CBD sparkling drink for its willingness to make CBD more accessible to people. Not everyone likes gummies, but just about everyone can appreciate a refreshing drink.

The final word always comes down to whether or not the product has a potent enough blend of CBD to work on things like anxiety, pain, and depression (or just to give the customer a sense of relaxation). The answer is a resounding yes. Aurora isn't showing up on lists of best CBD beverages for nothing.

As of now, you can get Aurora CBD sparkling drink in two crisp, delicious flavors: Lavender spice or Grapefruit Rosemary. Lavender is considered floral on the nose, and you'll be relaxed but awakened by its effects. Grapefruit Rosemary is said to be "piney," and it will have a more uplifting effect.

As a chronic pain patient, I appreciate CBD and all the many things it does. It's a natural product that is just now being recognized for the Godsend for pain that it is, but you don't have to be in pain to appreciate an Aurora sparkling drink. These drinks are pleasurable simply for the bold, unique taste experience they offer.

Aurora describes their drinks as tonics that "exhilarate and awaken the senses." I couldn't describe it better myself. Drinking something is always a flavorful experience, but a drink rarely captures the crisp, cold purpose of a good drink in quite the way that Aurora does. Add in the pain-relieving effects I so often need from CBD, and it's a perfect union.

CBD-infused beverages are a dime a dozen. There are so many out there. Only a few rises to the occasion and truly give people who enjoy them something incredible to remember and drink often. You can grab a 4-pack of either flavor, a 4-pack with two of each flavor, or a 12 pack that features 6 of each flavor.

Aurora isn't cheap. It's on the high price end of just about any kind of CBD product you can imagine, but some experiences simply aren't meant to be cheap. You almost always get what you pay for, and when you buy Aurora CBD sparkling drink, you're paying for the elegance, for the passion they put into the drink, and for high potency CBD.

Is it worth it? If you love CBD-infused products, if you're looking for both the effects and the flavor of sophisticated taste experience, then yes. It is worth every penny and then some. If you'd like to start out with just a bottle, you should head over to Aurora's Shop and pick out the flavor you want to try.

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