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VitaKratom ( Review

VitaKratom Basics: Is it a trustworthy vendor?

Beautifully packaged and full of the benefits you expect of a great kratom brand, VitaKratom offers a unique buying experience on their website. They also have a lively, informative blog that helps customers know more about the product and all of its many health benefits (relief from pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness). Thanks to this information, you can confidently buy from their generous offering of products.

As a person who's suffered from chronic pain for years, I sought relief for my problem through natural supplements just like kratom. It is grown in Thailand, Malaysia, and other places, and then it's sold to reputable vendors like VitaKratom to distribute. Each vendor has its own method of harvesting and packaging kratom.

Features and Benefits


VitaKratom has many features that I prefer over other vendors. For example, their samples and bundles give you a taste of their product without having to commit a lot of money. A sample pack includes 4 types of their powder and is only $29.99, giving you a great chance to find out which types of their products you love the best. Other benefits include:

  • A wide selection of great strains like Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Green Maeng Da, and so many more

  • A $90 offer for 3 4 oz. bags of powder with one 4 oz bag entirely free

  • A rich kratom experience that truly works for things like pain and anxiety

  • Quality control

  • Free shipping on all products

The website is fairly easy to navigate, with very clear contact links and ways to reach out to VitaKratom customer support and let your needs be known. It's nice to know that there's a vendor that cares enough about its customers to give them a great blog to read, too. I've enjoyed many of the articles on their blog.

Why choose VitaKratom to buy kratom from? (Pros & Cons)


  • Lab-tested products with results displayed under every batch you buy, for added confidence
  • Friendly, caring customer service that has true knowledge of the benefits of kratom
  • Beautiful packaging that emphasizes how much pride this company takes in its product
  • A loyalty program that nets regular customers savings
  • The more you buy, the greater the savings
  • A handy blog that increases your awareness and knowledge of kratom


  • Despite mentioning capsules, it's unclear where to buy that variety

  • Loyalty program is great, but it takes a while to get up to rewards

  • Helpful blog, but it would be great if it was updated more frequently

  • Some more exotic strains of kratom aren't readily available

As a longtime user of kratom, I can confidently say that VitaKratom will be good both for beginners and for people who have used kratom awhile, especially if one of their 10 types happens to be one of your favorites. They're one of the most economical vendors online and truly seem to care about their product and customers.

I love the free shipping options, the loyalty program, and the quality of kratom, especially given its relatively low price, but I do hope to see a more diverse menu of exotic strains as they grow the business and continue to provide great service.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

​​Kratom is a hugely diverse product, and there are so many different kinds that no one vendor could ever carry them all. It wouldn't make sense to, as some strains are more popular than others. For a one-stop-shop, VitaKratom is going to be a great go-to store if you are accustomed to and enjoy the more commonly known strains of kratom.

For more picky kratom users or longtime users who still like to experiment, you're not going to find every kratom type under the sun here, but you will find the most popular kinds and a few of the most popular "lesser-known" strains. It's enough to keep you busy for a while. And while I love the free shipping, and the blog that helps me know more about kratom, it would be nice to see them expand.

That said, Red Horned Kratom powder is available on VitaKratom, and this is one of the emerging popular strains as of today. It's a mix of Maeng Da and red vein kratom, and it's a potent combination that so many people are latching onto and enjoying. This gives the site some room to grow as a place where people who like to experiment can still have fun while getting their regular strains.

The sample packs and bundles are simply two of the best deals in the business, so if you just need to save some money on your kratom bill right now, this is a terrific place to turn to when you need a large supply but can't afford to pay what so many other vendors are asking for kratom powders. And in time, they seem to want to branch out into capsules as well, so let's hope VitaKratom does that soon.

If you love kratom powder, love the health benefits, want free shipping, and want to get low prices on kratom, VitaKratom is absolutely your place to turn to. Pickier buyers who don't have a favorite type yet or who want to experiment with dozens of strains won't find that here, but VitaKratom is still a great supplementary kratom shop to help you save bucks between supplies.

The next time you want a great deal on kratom powder and don't feel like breaking your piggy bank, consider giving the quality kratom of VitaKratom a shot. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised that this is one of the best vendors out there. Visit them today.

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