Phytoextractum ( Company Review and Guide

Phytoextractum ( Review

Who’s Phytoextractum?

Once you get past the very long name, what you're going to find exploring the Phytoextractum website is that this is one of the true superstores for kratom that is online right now. Whether you use kratom for pain, anxiety, or as a sleep aid, there's going to be a product on Phytoextractum that will be high-quality and effective.

Unlike some of the rather limited online kratom shops, Phytoextractum, like its name, is complex and diverse in a way that few other stores are. They offer not just kratom capsules, extracts, and powders, but also CBD products, plant material, tonics, and other kratom products.

Features and Benefits

  • The freedom to shop for any strain of kratom, no matter how popular or obscure

  • Kratom accessories that make your use more convenient

  • Frequent discounts in their discount section

  • Tons of non-kratom products that might truly appeal to the average kratom user (books for example)

  • Customer rewards that richly reward you for being their customer

I use kratom for pain, so it's a relief to find a superstore like this online. They feature other kratom alternatives, too, that work well with kratom or in place of it at times. I especially enjoyed searching through their kratom information archives and learning more about the supplement that has helped me so much.

Before finding this place, I thought I'd seen everything there was to see in the world of kratom, but I was very wrong. This place is the living, breathing incarnation of kratom itself.

Why choose Phytoextractum to buy kratom from? (Pros & Cons)


  • A high-quality product that is famous on the Internet for its potency and goodness
  • Handy kratom categories like "Beginning" and "Top Sellers" that help you find exactly what you need even if you don't know you need it yet
  • All of the truly great strains you've heard of plus amazing new strains that are lesser-known like Red Dragon, Yellow Vein Borneo (rare), and Maeng Da Thai
  • A huge variety of extracts that cover the entire extract spectrum as well as any site could
  • Superb customer service that makes you feel like a valued customer
  • Enjoy frequently and prominently posted coupon codes to save a certain percentage off your order


  • The site is so expansive that it can take a good long while to become accustomed to it

  • Because of its popularity, you might have to wait up to 48 hours to hear back from email support, but the other supports are immediate

  • Free priority mail shipping is great but requires a $75 order

  • Because of the CBD and other supplements, it can be a little hard to focus on kratom sometimes

With this being one of the largest kratom vendors in the world, you can be sure that it will be a place you want to accustom yourself to as soon as possible, but rest assured it will take a little while to be comfortable with using the site and getting to know everything on there. There's just so much!

The reviews are something that I found incredibly helpful for picking out which kinds of kratoms that I wanted to try, so that is where I would tell a person to look once they get down to business and start shopping. There's a huge amount of product on here. Take your time, take a deep breath, and take it all in. This is a truly super kratom megastore, so appreciate it for what it is.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

Some people want a simple 10-minute kratom buying process, and if you already know what you want, just use the search on Phytoextractum. You'll immediately get what you want and be able to check out just as easily as you would at any other smaller kratom shop. No worries on that. If you want more out of the experience, though, I suggest clicking around.

The site is organized in a way that makes it easy to see the products you're interested in, but it also gives you an enormous amount of room to explore and find types of kratom that you're not familiar with. As long as I've been using kratom, I still hadn't heard of so many of the varieties on here.

To put it mildly, I felt like a kid in a candy store when I was shopping on Phytoextractum. With liquid extracts, powder extracts, powder, and capsules, as well as a legion of other products like Blue Lotus and CBD, this is truly a megastore for anyone who loves to enjoy the more natural mood enhancers of the world. There's just so much to see and do on here.

The community on Phytoextractum is incredibly active, as are the operators of the site who frequently communicate with their customers in sidebar conversations with announcements. It's great to see a site that takes its business seriously, and Phytoextractum certainly does. I could spend an entire day just reading their content.

If you're a heavy kratom user, this needs to be your new home. I plan to make frequent stops here for my own personal use, to help with my pain, and I'd love to try some of the topical products they have on here for pain. This is a one-stop-shop for all things kratom and supplement related, a place full of products that will give you new mood experiences. It's a real treat to shop through their inventory and learn.

If you're tired of just shopping for the same old boring kind of kratom, it's time to make a stop at Phytoextractum and give yourself a truly empowering shopping experience. You are going to be shocked at just how many varieties are on here and how many products. Anyone who's looking for a one-stop-shop will be doing themselves a favor by heading to Phytoextractum and getting an account right away.

The Ultimate Guide

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  • Legality
  • Can I Get Started?


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