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Is Kratom Capsules a trustworthy vendor?

I have found the site while searching for natural alternatives to antidepressants. In the past six years, I tried practically every antidepressant that my family doctor could find to stop uncontrollable crying and feeling useless and miserable.

Some prescription anti-depressants just made me indifferent and slow. Others worked for a couple of months and then their effect vanished. Imagine how frustrating that was...

At one point, I decided to try some herbal alternatives to the "FDA-approved" prescription options. But neither motherwort with valerian root, nor St.John's wort made me feel energized and eager to get things done.

Ordered the Super Green Malaysian and White Maeng Da varieties, because, according to the posted customer reviews, and in agreement with other sources of information about kratom, these varieties were best for my needs. The order arrived in two days.

After experimenting with taking them separately and together, I found out that the two varieties are indeed different. I ended up taking a mix of two parts (3 g)of Super Green and one part of White Maeng Da (1.5 g)every morning. It works better than any of the prescription pills for my mood.

As an extra bonus, the joint pain in fingers and elbows disappeared. That was a nice thing to notice!

Another unintended benefit of kratom was that it eliminated the unpleasant side effect of my diabetes medication. You know, metformin makes you "run," and kratom has an anti-diarrheal effect.

I have been ordering kratom from for almost a year now. I looked at several other web sites offering similar products but returned to every time. Wonder why?

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The first thing you notice when visiting this web site is its attractive style and business-like attitude. It is informative, straightforward to use, and is not overloaded with hype.

I like the honest information they provide about their kratom. It is very interesting that the powders and capsules contain only the crushed kratom leaves and water. No processing, no added ingredients, no preservatives.

The product information page clearly states the country of origin of a particular strain. It does not specifically state for what condition it works best. The customer reviews right next to the product description take care of that. It is attractive that the product page does not promise that this particular strain of kratom will cure all your ailments and make you the happiest and healthiest person possible. are taking their product quality seriously. I was impressed by the statement that the powders and capsules are packaged in an FDA-certified cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) facility.

Every page has a copy of a certification that this particular product is not contaminated with harmful bacteria and other organisms causing disease. This is unique: I have not encountered copies of safety certificates in other places offering botanical products and food supplements.

The straightforward product composition, taken together with the safety data sheets and the packaging facility cGMP certification was a deal-breaker from me. I ordered my first kratom shipment from offer six strains of kratom in capsules and in a powder form. The capsules are more expensive. For example, a 28 g package of the Super Green Malaysian is $13.99, and a 50-capsule bottle of the same variety (20 g) is $19.99. If you do the simple math, you will see that the capsules are twice as expensive as the powders.

The capsules are convenient to take on the go. They are not more potent than the powder, in my experience. Capsules take a bit longer to act, so the effect becomes apparent after 40-50 minutes of taking the capsules.

In addition to kratom products, they offer kava extract, akuamma seeds, and chuchuhuasi extract, all in capsules. These herbal products are traditionally used for pain relief and inflammation. I have not tried them yet.

Why choose Kratom Capsules to buy kratom from? (The Pros)

  • The products offered here contain pure kratom leaves, without any additives
  • The kratom powders and capsules are certified to be free of bacteria and fungi
  • The origins of kratom strains are clearly identified in the product pages
  • Various discounts are offered, reducing the price of your kratom
  • You can pay with different methods, from credit card to bitcoin
  • The web site is easy to navigate and pleasure to visit
  • The shipping is free, and the orders arrive in just a few days

However, you might not be that happy about the following (The Cons):

  • The choice of kratom strains is limited to just six varieties

  • The information provided on the site is not enough to decide which product is right for you

  • The capsules are made of gelatin, so they are not suitable for vegetarians

  • There is no international shipping option

Final Verdict for the Vendor is a reliable and trustworthy source. It is evident that their "pros" easily outweigh the "cons", at least in my humble opinion. their statement: "We may not be the cheapest, but we will *always* be the best" is true and honest. Try ordering from them, and see for yourself. Enjoy Kratom, and stay healthy, happy and content!

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