Happy Hippo Herbals Company Review and Guide

Happy Hippo Herbals Company Review

Discovering An Online Kratom Vendor: Happy Hippo Herbals

Have you been wasting hours on social media searching for information on a good online Kratom vendor? If you have, your long search ends here. Yes, at Happy Hippo Herbals. Although they aren't that popular, I guarantee they are the best. They have the finest smoke, friendly customer services, and it is easy to contact them.

Let me tell you how I know that. I was like you. I struggled to find a credible Kratom vendor and was disappointed with the many that I tried until I stumbled on Happy Hippo Herbals. Unfortunately, we do not hear about them on most of the big online Kratom pages. Maybe this is because most people have not found out about this hidden gem.

Before I discovered and got hooked on Happy Hippo Herbals, I would struggle to get good quality Kratom. What I got did not give me the feeling that I was looking for. I had to keep increasing the amounts I was burning to even start feeling anything at all.

You will agree with me when I say that it is frustrating to not get your satisfaction however hard you burn. Thanks to Happy Hippo Herbals, however, I only need 2 grams of this stuff and the feeling is heavenly. Their Kratom is so fresh that if you burn 5 grams, you will notice symptoms of overdosing.

I decided to cut down to 2 grams of Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom and worked my way up to 4 grams. This is the amount that I now need even when I am looking to get high.

And this excited me more since I realized I can get more out of my pack. The same pack now lasts me more days because I burn less Kratom for the same or better results. To be honest, this made me more curious about the quality of Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom.

As I did some research, I found out that the freshness of your Kratom matters when it comes to its effectiveness. Happy Hippo Herbals gets a fresh supply of Kratom regularly. Moreover, they do not stay with their stuff for long since they ship it to many customers.

Besides the fresh supply of Kratom, numerous other factors have endeared me to Happy Hippo Herbals. For instance, they respond to emails promptly and they deliver on time. Their services are also personalized. You will even receive a handwritten note from the CEO of Happy Hippo Herbals with your first delivery.

You will also love how easy it is to place your online order on their website. The website lacks a professional look but you will navigate through it effortlessly. They will also respond to all your queries even on weekends. The best part is that they will take your order and deliver it any day of the week.

When you place an online order, you will get a discount coupon occasionally. Currently, they are giving a 20% discount to buyers who pay with Bitcoin. Their website recently started accepting credit card payments, but you can still pay for your orders through the Dwolla payment platform.

After comparing notes with some other Kratom users, I noticed Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom is slightly more expensive as compared to most of the other brands. At first, this bothered me! However, when I considered the quality of Kratom that I was getting with each purchase, the price looked justified. I also remembered that I burn the usual package for longer since I require less Kratom to feel high.

Is variety a concern for you? If it is, Happy Hippo Herbal Kratom has 30 varieties for you to choose from. If you are like me who prefers a different aroma each day to circumvent the addiction risk, Happy Hippo Herbal is your savior.

They also have fast-acting, moderate, and slow-acting strains of Kratom. You can rotate these each week to raise your tolerance and enjoy your smoke for many days to come. Sometimes, you will notice that your package is weighing more than what you had ordered. This is their way of appreciating you as their customer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Happy Hippo Herbals


  • High-quality Kratom
  • Ever fresh powder
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast delivery time
  • Easy to make an online order
  • Many varieties


  • Expensive
  • Jumbled website
  • Hectic to order from abroad
  • Vendor not widely known


Little known Happy Hippo Herbals is your best bargain for high-quality Kratom. They always have a fresh powder in stock that will give you a high after burning just a small amount. If you order from their website, you might even get a discount. You can pay with your credit card, Bitcoin, or through Dwolla.

With 30 flavors to choose from, it will be easy for you to burn a different flavor each day based on your preferences. Moreover, you can expect professional services from their staff and fast delivery of your orders, even on weekends. The price looks high at first, but the benefits that you enjoy from the product make up for whatever extra you will pay for your Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom.

You no longer need to suffer to get a good smoke. Head to the Happy Hippo Herbals website and place your first order. I assure you, you will find the online Kratom Vendor that you have always wanted to buy from.

The Ultimate Guide

What  I Wish I Knew Before Trying CBD & Kratom

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  • Legality
  • Can I Get Started?


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