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Greg's Botanical ( Review

If you’re at all involved or knowledgeable about the natural medicine industry, then you’ve probably heard plenty about kratom. Kratom, or mitragyna speciosa, is being hailed the answer for a wide variety of medical problems from pain relief to energy to a detox aid. Greg’s Botanical is known as being one of the largest and most popular kratom dealers in the south. Despite owner Greg Hernandez’s fantastic reputation as owner of Greg’s Botanical, lately, the internet has been overwhelmed with vendors in the same area. Is Greg’s Botanical really the place to go for your kratom order? We’ve put together a review so that you can make the best decision for yourself!

Understanding What Kratom Is  

First, it’s important to understand exactly what kratom is. Mitragyna speciosa comes from the rainforests of Southeastern Asia and is closely related to plants that produce coffee. For years, kratom has been recognized as a replacement for energy drinks and prescription drugs without dangerous side-effects. Many heroin and pain pill addicts are finding that kratom can help them get through drug withdrawal and continue with their recovery.

Greg’s Botanical Overview: Is it a trustworthy vendor?  


Greg’s Botanical is owned by Greg Hernandez and located in Tampa Bay, Florida. More than just a regular vendor who sells random strains of kratom, Greg is a vetted vendor. Being vetted vendor means that Greg sends samples of each kratom strain to those who are leaders in the industry along with test results on the kratom’s potency and levels. Thanks to the results of kratom industry leaders, Greg’s Botanical has earned a name as beating all other area vendors at his price, potency, and professional attitude. 

Why choose Greg’s Botanical to buy kratom from? (Pros & Cons)

The Quality of His Products

Greg is proud to offer a wide range of products that include not only kratom but also CBD oil and akuamma capsules; despite his wide selection, his products are fresh and high-quality. Greg’s powder is known for sticking to the spoon, meaning that it is fresher than that offered by many other vendors. The only complaint that buyers have is that Greg’s kratom is often too fresh and potent – which is actually a good thing!

Speed of Service

Greg’s Botanical is known for being fast at shipping orders, often providing delivered products within two to three days of ordering. Across a wide selection of online comments, users consistently compliment Greg on his speed of service. The only time that products don’t arrive quickly is when they are out of stock.

Customer Service

Greg works directly with his customers, making many of them feel like friends rather than just business associates. Of course, there are times when people will complain about their orders, but Greg is known for going the extra mile to ensure that these complaints are resolved. Every customer is satisfied once they have spoken with Greg and he has had the chance to fix the issue.

Online Presence

Greg is known for having a fantastic Facebook group at where he offers contests and one-on-one discussions. Likewise, Greg offers a high-class website at where he offers coupons, easy-to-navigate products, and bonuses. Some customers do complain that it can be difficult to add products to their cart during maintenance times.

Product Selection

Greg’s Botanical is proud to offer a wide selection of different selections that range from kratom to akuamma powder and Himalayan shilajit. Since Greg is anxious to help all of his customers receive products that are best for their specific needs, Greg offers individual reviews of each herbal supplement along with details about them.

Payment Options

Greg’s Botanical gives customers a large variety of payment options including some that are not generally accepted. Payment options include major credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, BITCOIN, JSE coin, and Ethereum. Due to the different payment options, it is possible for almost anyone to purchase the items they need.

What Do Customers Say?

Previous customers are happy to leave raving reviews about their fantastic experiences with Greg’s Botanicals. They say that Greg has high-quality products, reasonable prices, and unbeatable customer service. Customers also appreciate the opportunity to split kilos so that they can make smaller orders.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

In a world where kratom suppliers are available all over the place, we are happy to report that Greg’s Botanicals stands out from the competition. Whether you live down south or want to order across the country, Greg is certainly the one to contact when you need to make a purchase of kratom or other holistic products.

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