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Coastline Kratom Basics: Is it a trustworthy vendor?

In 2015, Joshua Fulton and his wife Katrina founded Coastline Kratom, a South Carolina kratom vendor that seeks to make this opiate substitute out of Southeast Asia more useful and more widely accepted in the United States and elsewhere. Coastline accomplishes this by expertly organizing their product into easy to follow categories and then competitively pricing the products.

Kratom itself is their star product, and it has made headlines in recent years for its many benefits to users. As a long-time user of kratom, I can attest to its effectiveness as a product that:

  • Curbs chronic pain

  • Quiets anxiety

  • At lower dosages, works as a painkiller and sleep aid

  • At higher doses and on certain strains, works to increase energy and elevate mood

The legend of Coastline continues to grow online every day as more people discover this product and its widespread positive effects. The fact that Coastline sells live plants is of particular interest because very few online vendors take the time and care to offer the live plants outright. It's an impressive testament to just how devoted Coastline is to their product and its purpose.

Coastline Benefits and Features 


Coastline's value as a vendor is packed with features that truly make the customer the king. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee on their products. Signing up for their engaging newsletter will net you a 25% off discount that you can use on one of their many strains of kratom.

Kratom is such a prolific product that produces different effects depending on the dosage and strain that you select. Some people enjoy making it into a bitter tea, while others simply use a "toss and wash" method that gives them the desired effect in a shorter amount of time. Other features of Coastline and its products are worthy of study.

Product Offerings & Features

  • Coastline's kratom products include top quality powder and even live kratom plants

  • You get free shipping if you're in the United States

  • Types of kratom are varied and include Bali, Malay, Horned, and Maeng Da kratom (among others)

  • They sell red, white, and green vein, a major perk

Why choose Coastline Kratom to buy kratom from? (Pros & Cons)

Pros and cons of any company are beneficial to look at, especially when you're talking about kratom vendors. You have so many choices online that there's never a need to shop from an inferior vendor. The pros of Coastline will undoubtedly show you that Coastline is one of the premium vendors out there. They can be your vendor, and you can be confident about that decision.


  • Their kratom beginner's pack is famous online for its diversity and value.
  • If you're new to kratom, you get a rich and varied experience by opting for the beginner's pack.
  • The sheer diversity of their kratom types is a fine testament to just how diverse kratom itself is.
  • The money-back-guarantee gives you peace of mind as you shop.
  • Customer service is prompt and takes their job very seriously, putting the customer first.
  • They have an affiliate program you can sign up for if you have your own webspace and want to make some extra cash.


  • There is no free shipping option for people outside of the U.S. which can be disheartening if you're not a U.S. customer
  • There is a minimum order amount for free shipping even in the U.S.
  • As of now, there isn't an option to buy capsules
  • While there are enhanced powders, there are no liquid extracts

Overall, the stellar customer service experience, the sheer number of powder strains, and free shipping when you're ordering a certain amount makes this an ideal kratom vendor for experienced kratom users. And if you're a beginner, the Beginner's Pack gives you an excellent starting point to try out the different types and strains.

Coastline enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry as well, drawing users from all around the world who enjoy Mitragyna Speciosa unashamedly. The medical benefits of kratom become something that user's sworn by. As a long-time user of kratom for chronic pain, I can attest that Coastline's product is effective for this (depending on the strain you select).

The pros of shopping at Coastline far exceed the cons and gives you a terrific reason to shop at this devoted kratom vendor's online shop.

Final Verdict for the Vendor

Kratom is still a product that is widely misunderstood by the communities of the world, but its users swear by it and its efficacy and safety. Dosage will play an important part in your experience, as larger doses increase sedation and smaller doses increase painkilling and anti-anxiety benefits. Finding your sweet spot will be a fun activity after shopping from Coastline.

This company has been at this since 2015, so they're becoming old pros at providing a superior product at a superior price, with excellent customer support. People who enjoy the powder form of kratom will enjoy this vendor, but as of now, there's no visible spot on the website that suggests they have capsules. This could change later.

When you visit Coastline Kratom, you begin to realize that you're shopping from a premium vendor, with regular customers, and excellent information about their product itself. They have no trouble showing you where they source their kratom from, how they maintain its quality, and why they are passionate about selling it.

Coastline can be reached by phone at 910.506.3341 or by email at You'll find them an incredibly responsive company that doesn't keep you waiting. If you have any further questions, reach out to them and ask about their products, or simply head over to their website today and check them out. Visiting Coastline might just net you your next great batch of kratom.

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